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Research Projects:


[3] Investigation of the Applications of Planar Magnetic Cores in Power Switching Converters


One of the main goals in Power Electronics is to implement power converters smaller. However, the most effective way to reduce a converter’s size is to increase the switching frequency, other methods can be used to make it smaller. Planar magnetic cores have been suggested to be used instead of conventional magnetic cores due to their small size. Aside from the advantage of planar transformers, employing planar magnetic cores may end up is some problems. In this report, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of planar magnetic cores and the manner of employing them.



[2] Battery Charger Systems and Applications


These days, rechargeable batteries are being used in many applications such as automobiles, airplanes, uninterruptable power supplies (UPSs), laptops, mobiles and many other applications. Due to the variety of technologies used to make batteries, different methods should be used to charge the batteries affecting their life time, charge time and state of charge. In this report, different battery technologies are investigated and for each, an appropriate charge method is presented.  




[1] Lighting System Drivers and Applications


In order to increase the efficiency of lightening systems, the use of light emitting diodes (LEDs) has been suggested. To drive LEDs, a power electronic circuit is needed that is called LED driver. In design of an LED driver, its size, efficiency, power density, weight and output power are very important. In this report, we investigated methods of driving LEDs and their effects on efficiency.  

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